Saturday, February 4, 2012

Keep Up the Associations

You know who can use kitty pictures, so we can too.

I want to encourage the brothers to keep up the good work. I know we got sliced, diced, scattered, and smothered. But we are still here.

I think we should pursue this idea of associations, without mentioning a certain person by name or his blog. He uses that against us. No, it works like this. If they mention WAM, call them disciples of WAM, and attack WAM. If they mention Luther, warn them about Luther. The "early Luther" side-bar was choice. Confuse them. Dazzle them with obscure references.

We also have to keep some of our friends a little more sane. I understand that getting into gun collecting can expose someone to old-fashioned lead shot. Touching lead shot while eating munchies is almost like eating lead. The effects on the nervous system, especially with someone so fragile, can be explosive.

That makes us look bad. So if you see that person starting to go whack-job, distract him with flattery about how important he used to be. Or ask about his guns and ammo.

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