Thursday, April 5, 2012

Luther Opposed Justification by Faith

For some reason I enjoy listening to Billy Graham
after attending one of our meetings.

There is a certain, small faction who are always quoting Luther. They miss this fact - Luther was against justification by faith.

Yes, he was completely against it. We all know that, but it is too upsetting to talk about most of the time.

We have to convert the last few people who cling to this false religion of justification by faith. If not, we need to crush them, silence them, break their spirits.

Luther really believed that the whole world was justified. And there is a long history of teaching that among Lutherans.

That has been our mission work across the world. As soon as a missionary can speak Swahili or Australian, he says in their tongue, "You were born forgiven. That is the Gospel. You think you have been a sinner all you life, but you were not. You are free of sin. You are a saint."

I cannot tell you how motivating that is for people.

My cousin at our college tells me that a few people here and there fell for that individual faith thing and tried to promote. We have that under control now. In one more generation, no one will remember. We will have our Bible in everyone's hands and we can prove it.

That is why we are dropping the "Lutheran" name, especially in missions. When people hear "Lutheran," they bring up the justification by faith error. Some of them get excited and want a liturgical service. How Mid-Evil! LOL. We have to correct them and say, "We are all Christians. We are all saints. We are all forgiven. You were forgiven before you even thought of it. That is why we love all groups, all denominations. Love is the reason. God loves you just the way you are. And we love you too."